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Proposed Cubeaism Plot Fixes: Very TL;DR

Alright, I just want to say straight up before I offend anyone, I love the concept of Cubeaism. I just feel that it's a bit messy with the increasing number of "gods" and it's lost that thing that made it wonderful in ArchebuS' original concept: depth, and plot.

This is a proposed change to the current system, while keeping as many of the current characters as possible. First, the 10 Official Gods will remain gods, divided into Major and Minor Gods:

Terrae, Roki, and Net – Major Gods

Penna, Cynia, Shen, Poise, Glueco, Moouka, and Nixos – Minor Gods

Everyone Else – (This is where it gets complicated) Will be divided among: Lesser Gods, Saints, Spirits, and Demons

Before you get all hot and bothered; hear me out:

What is the difference between a Lesser God and a Minor God? The Gods hold sway over a large amount of the world, they have biomes, or whole realms of the world linked to their powers. Lesser Gods are Gods that do not have enough influence on the world to be considered powerful enough or influential enough.

What is a Saint? A Saint is a human being or human entity either real or fictional that as been Anointed by the Gods or is Generally Recognized as being a patron of something significant in the universe.

What are Spirits and Demons? Spirits and Demons are good and malevolent entities that have been created, whether it was intentional or unintentional, by The Major, Minor, and Lesser Gods. These beings are reflections of some part of their creator, holding similarities and traits. (See the following chart for further details.) Spirits and Demons can still be worshiped and faiths can surround them. Satan was after all, an Angel. Understand though, that this classification is being created because so many things as gods is creating a massive amount of confusion within the proposed Cubeaism universe, and most don't even qualify as such, or even fit with the general story or lore. This is a proposed change to the universe, which would allow as much room to breathe as possible.

But VicariousMe, you're talking about plots and stories, and you have Gods such as Glueco and Moouka as *Minor Gods*, how does that make sense? One is the god of CAKE and one is of MUSHROOMS AND COWS for the gods' sake, are you nuts? Why do they get to be Minor Gods while my god is being turned into a Spirit or Demon?

First of all, they are listed as officially recognized by ArchebuS, second, they can be explained within the lore of the universe: Net is an insane god, he also has the power to manifest new creatures. Within Nets challenges, there is a reference to Tea and Biscuits. Net is also pure, absolute insanity. Glueco is in essence, a Demon born of Nets insanity. His obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and his fixations focused onto the baked goods he shared with his acolytes. Being born of the one thing that makes Net feared among the other Gods, Glueco rapidly ascended to Minor God status for his ability to drive the minds of those who listen to him so insane so quickly hearing his voice, seeing his face, the very mention of him, makes your mind twitch and your mouth water.

What about Moouka? Well, remember the Story of the Second Coming? It is entirely possible that Mushroom Biomes came into existence during a probable First Attempt by Net to Return to the Overworld. Nets' temporary flash into the world created a zone of insane-riddled corruption of the local livestock, plant matter, and soil structures. Moouka came into being when the world was twisted, and holds Minor God status for his ability to spawn creatures, and to corrupt other, nearby Biomes with his madness. (Mycelium spreading over dirt, etc.)

Spirits and Demons can also be created by Humanity, when mankind does something on a grand scale. No individual human can create a Spirit or Demon, but all the humans on the planet combined can manifest anything into existence, humanity is unaware of this fact.

Why is everyone else being recategorized? Let me explain:

(Major and Minor Gods are not inluded in this list)




Reason, and potential plot tweaks.



The Void

Lesser God

Fits into the story, he existed before the three Majors claimed power, like the Titans and Greek Gods. His goals are counter productive to all and could be considered a Villian greater than Net. While his acolytes are determined to return the physical world to the Void, Abstergo's aim is to destroy the gods themselves so they will not create in his realm.

His own Goals




She is a spirit brought into existence when Terrae accidentally gave sentience to a tree.

Spirit of Terrae


All who Hear him.


Read his description: "A devout priest of Roki who went beyond his duties as one of the faithful. This figure was chosen by the 3 gods to act as their Metatron, or “voice”. He is not a god and does not have his own path, though he may be worshipped." like a prophet of God.



Redstone Tech


There are many "gods" on the list that relate to technology, science, etc. In order to effectually allow all of them, they need to be downgraded. As "spirits" they exist as a minor being brought into existence from the many humans "paying tribute" to their individual theme. Humans sacrifice their time and energy into such a thing, and a spirit that becomes linked to that thing comes into existence. Spirit of Redstone, for example. Some start to see it after a long days work building their contraptions and staring at redstone torches all day.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity


Snow, Cold, Etc


Offshoot of Cynia? There's no point in having two gods of the same thing (cold), and Cynia already has Minor Status. I'd add more but Cynia doesn't have her own page.

Spirit of Cynia




Terrae and Roki watch over the overworld and illuminate it both during the day and night in the forms of the Sun and Moon, Darathos attempts to corrupt the humans of the world in the places they can't reach. It is rumored that this Demon is a Spirit of Abstergo's, hiding on the Overworld, corrupting those who will listen and leading them away from the Eyes of the Gods, or to gather information about the Overworld, a spy of kinds. This however, is just rumor.

Mystery, possible Demon of Abstergo


Paranoia, Trap, Defense


This Demon corrupts the minds of the follower, by breathing word of The Second Coming. The thought of the Nether and the Overworld colliding drives those who listen into a state of panic and obsessive need to prepare and defend themselves.

Demon of Net, however Acolytes are considered Neutral

Deus Ingis



Manifesation of Nets' Obsession with Fire, capable of corrupting those who listen to him into even greater Pyro's than Nets worshipers.

Demon of Net


The End, Endermen


Net created the Endermen in preparation of The Second Coming, and used The End to house his army. See the Story of the Second Coming "The first sign of Net's return will be the appearance of the Endermen. Beings that are said to be drawn to shifts in reality, cursed with the insanity to constantly re-arrange the environment around them." End'ar could be their caretaker while Net is preparing in the Nether.

Demon of Net




Manifestation of Humanities devout dedication to higher knowledge. Similar traits to Nixos, however this spirit was created by mankind.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity



Lesser God

Creation of Terrae and Roki, a being dedicated to warding Nets Forces at the barrier between the Overworld and the Other Realms. Holds Lesser God status as this “barrier” is everywhere, therefore Fara is omnipresent.

Lesser God, Loyal to Terrae and Roki




Mankind isn't perfect, this is a manifestation of all things wrong with people in multiplayer.

Neutral, Demon of Humanity




This is a spirit of the essence of mankind that allowed Nixos to become a God. Perseverence, dedication, curiosity, and all things that allow us to keep going when faced with obstacles.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity


A “Son of Net”


When I first looked at this proposed God, I couldn't help but think how bad it was. In his story, Net is portrayed as fatherly, sitting him down and teaching him things. Net is completely batshit, and isn't going to be sitting down and loving anyone or anything. What did interest me, however, were the challenges associated with Furan. Furan is in my mind, a Spirit of Wrath. His challenges are focused on bringing Revenge by targeting Terrae and Roki (though they are in need of a serious overhaul, I don't know where it says Cows are Terrae's “Sacred Animal”.) Furan is born of Nets desire for revenge and his hatred for his siblings.

Demon of Net




The story claims he “learned under Net” however everything about this 'god' is much more closely related to Shen. He is a demon born of Shens destructive and violent nature.

Demon of Shen


Chaos, Fear, Destruction


This is a creation of Net's. Angered with his siblings for attempting to create Life, when it was his one and only function, he purposely created an abomination in the image of Steve that would haunt their creation forever.

Lawful, Evil



Lesser God

This was a very, very well thought out God of Wolves, now downgraded to The Spirit of the Wolves, with no other changes. He was created by Terrae and Roki to watch over the Animals and battle against the Monsters; keeping all of the mobs in check. Props to the author for keeping with the lore.

Born of Terrae and Roki, battles and defends against Nets Creations.


Exploration and Settlers


Throughout the world, humanity has always been curious. Their ever changing population patterns and movement patterns brought this Spirit into existence.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity


Boundaries, Rivers, Death


No idea where Death comes into this, maybe the author just wanted it to sound cooler? Frankly I think the Border Crossing thing is badass enough as is. This is a Spirit intentionally created by the Lesser God Fara to act as a border guard on the Overworld. To watch for signs of malevolent activity that stirs due to demonic influence.

Spirit of Fara.




Kratae's purpose is unknown. It is rumored that he is a Demon of Abstergo dedicated to building an army against the other Gods. This however, is just rumor.

Mystery, possible Demon of Abstergo


Miners and Metalsmiths


Across the world, all humans mine. Their love and need of mining, their ever perpetual thought for, love for, and hatred for mining, brought this Spirit into existence.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity


Pestilence, Famine, Madness, Decay


The general story here makes next to no sense, and I have no idea what any of this has to do with Pestilence, Famine, or Decay, but Madness fits the bill. All of the challenges refer to Mycelium, and Mooshrooms. Therefore this is to be considered a Demon of Moouka.

Demon of Moouka




I have no idea with this one. It's saying that he is the son of Terrae and Roki, and that he's pissed that his parents don't love him as much as humans, so he wants to destroy them, yet all of his challenges are extremely peaceful and oriented more towards a hardcore living style on the overworld, rather than destruction of people.



Symmetry, Death, Infection


Aka Neffis & Siffen. These twins are all about bringing death and infection by having their acolytes kill villagers and by digging graves for everything you kill. I have no idea how these two fit into anything, and frankly, when I read 'symmetry' I was expecting something more philosophical about the symmetry between life and death, however this is all a chaotic mess geared towards nothing.





Mankinds adventurous ways and desires to be recognized for heroic feats embodied.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity




Little is known about Saint Notch. However, it is said, that if Abstergo existed before Terrae, Roki, and Net, Notch existed before Abstergo.

Saint Notch


Bloodshed and Violence


Mankinds adventurous ways and desires to be recognized for heroic feats embodied.

Wait, VicariousMe, you just said that.

Don't understand? Niudla is all about questing and having a good time, while Paltus is all about killing, murdering, and being absolutely relentless to obtain your goals. They have the same goals, quest, dungeoneer, kill dragon, etc, just different ideals on how to get there.

Neutral, Demon of Humanity.




Only way I can imagine this fitting in is to say that he is a spawn of Nets' insanity. Nets insanity is perpetually increasing, and one way that he is capable of doing so is to allow his mind to wander away, by drugging himself and drinking toxic substances. Being immortal, he is never threatened by death or overdoses. Seems really dumb, though.

Demon of Net




Rifl is the manifestation of Terrae's attitudes towards how one should live with their surroundings. Scavenge, hunt, nothing else.

Spirit of Terrae




Oh Dear Lord It's Written In All Capitals!1 My eyes, they burn. This seems to be an offshoot of Roki, has a lot to do with mining and living underground. I'd say that this spirit was created by Roki to take care of the slimes, as they are an unwanted creature in his realm.

Spirit of Roki


Building and Construction


This is the craft to Mithros' Mine, that is all.

Neutral, Spirit of Humanity




At first I was going to say this was more Roki-oriented, however it rapidly went from “live underground” to “burn down everything”. It's like the author started playing Roki, decided to switch to Net, decided he or she didn't like it, and made this god so (s)he could do both at the same time without breaking the rules of either.





Extremely similar to Celuda, however more geared towards malevolent machines of war and death, such as dispenser cannons and paranoia-riddled experimentation.

Neutral, Demon of Humanity

The Holy Apple



Similar to Glueco, in his obsessive-compulsive ways, however not all-encompassing and overwhelming enough to make him sit at God Status.

Story goes that Glueco was eating the cakes his acolytes were bringing him one day, in a forest.

An apple fell into one of the cakes as Glueco took a bite. All the acolytes shuddered, fearing they would soon know his wrath for failing in the delicate construction of the holy cake.

Glueco noticed the difference, enjoyed it slightly, and the spirit of the Holy Apple was born out of one single, momentary thought about apple.

Spirit of Glueco




Apparently he is born of Roki chopping off his own foot when Roki got stuck in a ravine. Most of the story is nonsensical, claiming that pumpkins mysteriously spawned out of nowhere on the planet, and Terrae was confused and Roki was angry about it.

A much better plot-line would be to say that Toximit was created accidentally, similar to Awye, when Terrae was creating the pumpkins to allow humans to sneak by the dreaded Endermen unharmed.

Or, that Net made pumpkins as a “screw you” to Terrae. His attempt to create plant life made an ugly orange block with a face, and sentient spirit that exists within all pumpkins simultaneously. Could be a spy for Net, and whispers to mankind when a pumpkin is worn on the head. People who wear them for too long go insane.

Spirit of Terrae

- or -

Spirit of Net

Depending on which story you like better.

Could be both, something mysterious?




I really like this one, it was well thought out, and already fits the theme of the overhaul. “Wendigo is less of a god and more of a demon, a malevolent spirit, the embodiment of gluttony, cannibalism, and depravity.” The story gives thought as to why there is lava in the overworld, and not just the nether. Well done, author.

Demon of Net




Obvious joke considering the website Cubeaism is using. This is more of a mix between Nixos and Definitis, gathering knowledge and securing it safely with insane amounts of defense. Though I'm sure it could be said that Nixos was a recluse, and was very secretive.

Spirit of Nixos

That's that. Long story short, I love the concept behind Cubeaism, and the potential that it has as on a roleplay level, between the Story of the Second Coming, and general lore of the universe. It is just too cluttered and doesn't make sense with having 46 Gods, and the 3 Other Characters, all grouped together in the same place.

This added a structure, by breaking it down into simple categories: 3 Major Gods, 7 Minor Gods, 2 Lesser Gods, 3 Saints, 16 Spirits, and 15 Demons, with a few that don't have places due to a serious amount of WTF.

The idea of having fans add more to the world, into the genre, makes for an awesome, self-sustaining community. However, it needs rules and regulations, some of the fan-made gods are so out there that they don't even make sense. They just fall into the “block of text + challenges = you're good” formula, which is where the concept of Lesser Gods, Spirits, and Demons, along with the tweaks, came in. The challenges were good, the ideas are alright, and most of the time work, they just need to be refined and put in a corner separate from the Gods.

I hope you consider my proposal, and I look forward to working with you on the wiki to make this transition.

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